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Installation Support

What tools do I need to install the Friday Lock?

To install the Friday Lock you need a screw driver to uninstall your current thumb turn and a hacksaw to shorten the tailpiece if so needed.

How can I take off the Friday Lock shell?

You can use a credit card or plastic card to securely release the shell in seconds and get access to the battery. This is used when changing the shell or battery and requires no tools.

Can the shell be used outdoors?

The shell of the Friday Lock must be used indoors. The electronics on the interior side of the door must stay dry.

How do I install the Friday Lock?

The Friday Lock is installed using your existing lock, making installation easier and safer. Friday Lock is a retrofit to the existing deadbolt lock. Only the thumb latch will need to be changed. The exterior and actual lock cylinder/casing remains. Install the Friday Lock by removing your existing thumb latch and installing the Friday Lock using the same screws and mounting holes.

We've put together some videos to help explain how to install your Friday Lock in detail. You can watch the videos if you click on each of the steps shown below.

Step 1. Uninstall old thumb turn, keep the screws.

Step 2. Measure tailpiece with slider. Max length 8mm. Shorten if needed. Or use the Door Adaptor Plate in the bottom of the pack to reduce the length.

Step 3. Rotate the Friday Lock until you find the green and red holes.

Step 4. Screw the Friday Lock with the old screws. If the hole in your door is too big, use the Door Adaptor Plate in the bottom of the pack.

Step 5. Rotate the Friday Lock to desired open and closed orientation and install the tailpiece adaptor.

Step 6. Insert the battery.

How do I find the red and green holes?

Step 3 of the installation requires you to rotate the lock until you find the green and red holes. When you see both, you've found the correct position and you can screw the Friday Lock in place. For some locks we've got you an image showing the precise position.

Scandinavian Schlage Kwitset Defiant Wilka

Friday Lock App support

What happens when there is an Internet or power outage?

The Friday Lock is 100% battery powered and you can always communicate with the lock via Bluetooth to open/close the lock.

Which platforms does Friday Lock support?

The Friday Lock has apps for both Android (version 4.4 and upwards) and iOS (version 10 and upwards) platforms. On the iOS platform, you can choose between using the Friday app or HomeKit. The Friday app offers some additional features such as allowing guest access to individual locks rather than the whole home.

Can I receive notifications to inform me on activity?

Yes, allowing notifications on phone level you receive notifications whenever someone enters or exits your home - even when the physical key is used.

I have enabled Friday Assist Lock but it does not lock when I walk away from my door.

Friday Assist Lock works by detecting that you have closed the door, then locking it three seconds later. It does not depend on your proximity to the door.

I have enabled Friday Assist Lock but it does not lock when I close the door.

Depending on the construction of your door/frame etc. there may not me enough information for the lock to detect that it has closed. Try closing the door a little more firmly. In the future we will add a sensitivity setting.

I have tried to update my firmware but when I check the firmware version it has not changed.

Please ensure you stay close to the lock when updating. Also make sure you wait a few minutes for the lock to restart after updating the firmware. Some of our users have reported it can take a few attempts, but eventually it is successful.

I have enabled Friday Assist Lock but it locks the door even if I am close to the door, or if someone else closes the door.

This is the way it is supposed to work. If the Friday Lock thinks the door has closed, it will lock it. It does not depend on the Friday app being present.


What's in the box?

1x Friday Lock
1x Rechargeable Battery
2x Tailpiece Adaptors
1x Door Adaptor Plate
1x USB Charger
1x Quick Start Guide

How does the Friday Lock work?

The Friday Lock lets you open your door with your smartphone instead of your traditional key. Friday Lock communicates with your phone via Bluetooth, detecting when you are nearby and opening the door automatically if you have enabled this. Friday Lock also allows you to give access to visitors remotely by sending them an invite via the app.

Will I still be able to open my door manually?

Yes. The Friday Lock replaces your existing thumb latch, but leaves the remainder of your existing lock intact. This means that you’ll still be able to open your door in the traditional way from both the inside and outside.

What size is the Friday Lock?

The Friday Lock is smaller than a cup of coffee and boasts the smallest dimensions of any retrofit lock on the market today. It takes little space on your front door, measuring 70mm wide and 47,5mm high in European measurement and 2.75 inches wide and 1.87 inches high in US measurement.


Is the battery rechargeable?

Yes, it is. The lithium battery that comes in the box can be recharged using the charger provided.

How do I know my battery runs low?

When your battery runs low, the Friday app will automatically notify you so you know it is time to charge or replace your battery.

How long is the battery life, and how do I recharge or replace?

The Friday Lock uses a rechargeable lithium battery with an equivalent lifetime of 8xAA high quality batteries, and reduces the size of the product substantially. In normal usage conditions the battery life is about 3-6 months before needing recharge. When the battery runs low, you will see an indication in the app. A USB charger is included in the package.


Does my Friday Lock work with Apple HomeKit?

Yes, it works with HomeKit.

Which lock formats does the Friday Lock Support?

The Friday Lock fits many deadbolts including most standard US and Scandinavian types.

Online Purchase

Are the Friday Lock shells interchangeable?

Yes, the shells are interchangeable. With several finishes and treatments and given the fact that the the shell can be replaced at will, you’ll never have to settle for one style.

Is the Friday Lock available worldwide?

At the moment you can order your Friday Lock through our website and orders can be shipped to the following countries: US, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

What is the warranty period?

Your Friday Lock comes with a 2 years warranty from the date of purchase in the case of goods sold to a purchaser in Europe and, otherwise, for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.


What is Over-Torque™?

The Over-Torque Technology does prevent the Friday Lock to turn 360 degrees. It brings a security mechanism to protect the mechanics whilst grabbing the unit when in motion, without damaging the gears.

What is Friday Assist™?

Friday Assist Unlock will automatically unlock your door when you approach it after you have been out. No need to take your phone out of your pocket.

What is a Remote Key?

Issuing a Remote Key is much like handing over a traditional key except it is handled digitally. Any Friday Lock owner - there can be multiple owners using the same Friday Lock - can issue a Remote Key to other users and adjust the level of access this key will have. As owner, you can set Remote Keys as being indefinite on time, and you can revoke the key at any time. Each Remote Key has a unique signature that is verified between Friday Labs and you through a secure and encrypted protocol. When you, another owner or one of your guests access the Friday Lab app, the unique key is registered and will show up in the History, allowing you to know who has accessed your Friday Lock and when.


What if my phone is stolen?

If your phone is stolen you can contact Customer Services to disable your phone’s access. Friday Lock recommends that you secure your phone at all times with a code/fingerprint.

How secure is the connection?

The Friday Lock uses the same encryption levels as International banks, making the system extremely secure.

If I give access to a visitor, what’s stopping them gaining access again at a separate time without permission?

The Friday Lock allows you to issue electronic keys to any number of visitors. The Friday app allows you to control and track who has access.

The door unlocks automatically when it connects with my phone. What happens if I’m at home and a stranger comes to the door, will the door automatically unlock?

The lock uses proprietary techniques to prevent false unlocks. The Friday assist unlock feature is optional and can be disabled at any time.

Will the Friday Lock void my home insurance?

Friday Lock leaves your door cylinder completely intact, so it will not affect your home insurance.

Shell Colors


Brass Shell


Bronze Shell


Copper Shell

Gun Metal

Gun Metal Shell

Glazed Porcelain White

Glazed Porcelain Shell

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